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1) Can I collect the products directly from the warehouses of the NG-GROUP?

Sorry but for reasons you can not organizational. We encourage you to use the service of express delivery.

2) If you purchase multiple items pay only one shipping?

Yes, for the purchase of more 'items pay shipping once and get everything in one package. By purchasing an item with "FREE SHIPPING" Free Shipping extends to any product purchased in our store

3) What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept: Paypal - Bank Transfer - Cash - Postagiro - Money Order - Credit Card and more.

4) I have purchased one or more objects, What should I do now?

Please check your email after your purchase, you automatically reach the data to make the payment. We recommend you follow the instructions carefully in order to prove the transaction fast and pleasant.

5) are notified when the shipment of the package is processed?

Yes, you will be notified when the item will be given to the shipper and physically leave our premises

6) Can I see the online tracking of shipment?

Of course, once you have received the email dispatch inoltraci an email requesting the tracking of spedizione.Tutte our shipments are trackable online.

7) I have paid but have not announced anything, the product will be shipped the same?

The product will be shipped, but with considerable delays. For all payments other than paypal, it is necessary to disclose the payment. Communicate on the same day the payment mode is chosen, the date and amount.

8) the purpose of the payment is important?

It helps us to allocate your payment in the payment and then specify the name and surname in which you are registered on the site

9) At what address to send the goods?

We use the address entered when registering with the site. E 'Likewise, at checkout, the information entered is accurate to avoid stocks or delivery problems. You should enter in personal information including a phone number (landline or mobile phone) to contact you in case of stock or problems relating to spedizioni.Posso change my shipping address? Certainly, the need to report during checkout

10) The contents of the package is anonymous?

Yes, the contents of the parcel and 'anonymous because we use the envelope or parcel carrier neutral.